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Ok just think of a person saying, “I want to sleep with a girl, just to have babies “

A common man or a general reaction would be (😃😃😃😃)

Such way talking about feminism and then claiming the rights of woman with the fact that they are more capable then men gives the same general reaction.

Hardly anyone on social media platform knows what feminism is about or what pseudo feminism is about and they end up being pseudo feminists. Do pseudo-feminists really want equality? Do they hate men?

"I buy my own diamonds. When a guy comes into my life it will not be for diamonds. A guy will be in my life only when I am in love. I do not need a guy for anything else except for children... If my man cheated, I would probably beat the shit out of him first. I am the kind of person who would get violent. Depending on how much I love him, I may forgive or may not forgive.

The statement given by none other than our pc dido as symbol of women empowerment and feminism.

However, before that what actually do you mean by feminism?

Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women's rights and interests although the advocacy of woman’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes is feminism.

I don’t disagree to your facts that,

· 20% of men admitting to forcing their wives or partners to have sex.

· A girl is raped every 20 minutes in India.

· Only about 1% of the rape victims report their crimes in India.

· 18% of American consider themselves feminists while 85% of world population believes in equality for woman and many more.

Well, you all are aware of these facts through various sources, but the fact is every coin has two sides, hence you should not mind to check the other side of coin too which none of us do including myself.

Now check this out:

· More married men suffer abuse from their spouse than married women.

· More than 22,000 Indian Men have ended their life in reverse dowry Harassment by their wives against 6800 wives who ended their life due to dowry harassment by their husbands.

· Do you know that 98% of the 498a cases filed against men are false?

· More than two-thirds of married Men in India between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of forced sex by their girlfriends and in more than 78% cases the men had been booked under Rape cases, as they refused to marry their girlfriends.

“We need to understand that the revenue we get is through men’s cricket. The day women’s cricket starts earning revenue, I will be the first person to say that we need the same thing. But right now, we can’t say that,”

“I don’t think any of my teammates are thinking about this [pay] gap because the only focus right now is to win matches for India, get the crowd coming in and earn revenues. That what we are aiming for, and if that happens, everything else will fall in place,” This words of Smriti Mandhana stands for feminism which shout a loud that Girls don't deserve equal rights , they should get what they deserve (whether it be equal, less or more).

Real feminists do not hate men. Real feminists sometimes are men. But this days feminism is having feminist movement (also known as the women's movement, or simply feminism) refers to a series of political campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism and the feminist movement.

Feminism is not hatred toward men or women wanting power over men in society. Indeed Feminism as an idea of growing, and it should, but what it is doing is injecting ignorance and superiority in some women who fail to understand the true meaning of feminism, it is a mirage, which make them pseudo feminist. Men suffer because of sexism too. Differently, and perhaps not equally, but they suffer significantly. Pseudo-feminists ignore that suffering, and sometimes mock it. Men can be raped, men can be assaulted, and that is not shameful. Men do not enjoy it. The statements that I’ve heard and read from pseudo-feminists against men are truly horrifying and would bring tears to your eyes.

It is about equality, not giving preference to women. Feminism’s goal is to create society where men are no longer taught, “Crying is for girls”. You do not fight fire with fire. It is equality which you need to.

Feminism = Equality.

Feminism != Women dominance.

I believe a female should not be provided preference, opportunity, reservation, respect and all facilities just because of being women

In fact, a female should be levelled equally with men based on her merits.

Author - Shraddha Suman Nayak

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